clme (clme) wrote,

Bold what you have.

Stolen from another LJ user. This quiz is obviously aimed at high school kids, but what the hell. For the sake of argument I am not including things that are in my house that I didn't purchase :-)

1. A cell phone.

2. A hair straightener.

3. Your own computer. (I dont even know how many I have... five? six? ten?)

4. Your own car.

5. Chanel/Dior/Gucci sunglasses.

6. A designer purse.

7. A boyfriend/girlfriend. (Does a wife count?)

8. A curling iron.

9. Every Fall Out Boy CD.

10. Something from American Eagle.

11. Something from Hot Topic.

12. Something from Hollister.

13. Something from Abercrombie.

14. A pet.

15. Some type of trophy/award.

16. Full/Queen-size bed. (both!)

17. King-size bed.

18. An iPod.

19. Something from a professional team. (A hat with a football team logo. w00t)

20. Ever had more than $100 at a time.

21. Monster, Full Throttle, Amp, Red Bull, etc. in your fridge.

22. Something Green Day.

23. Xanga.

24. Myspace.

25. Makeup.

26. A desk in your room.

27. A hill in your backyard.

28. DDR.

29. A pair of skis.

30. An alarm clock.

31. A pair of ice skates.

32. Rollerblades.

33. A treadmill.

34. Your own phone line. (I feel so grown up!)

35. AIM. (clme3748 for those that care)

36. Yahoo! (I still have an email account there from 1998 or so I check now and then)

37. MSN.

38. ICQ.

39. AOL.

40. Perfume/cologne.

41. Bath lotion.

42. Necklaces and bracelets.

43. A journal/diary.

44. Yogurt and peaches in your fridge.

45. X’s in your screen name.

46. A birthday in September.

47. A famous relative.

48. A relative in a different state.

49. A disowned relative.

50. A relative that lives in Florida.

51. Your own bathroom. (two of them!)

52. Your own band.

53. Any rock band shirts.

54. A guitar. (Does Guitar Hero / Rock Band count?)

55. A hammock.

56. A basketball hoop.

57. A soccer net.

58. A bike.

59. An electric scooter.

60. A minivan.

61. A.V.C. Andrews book. (who?)

62. A friend that does drugs/alcohol/smokes. (yes... a 'friend'...)

63. A locker at school. (to store the bodies in?)

64. A baby.

65. Sparkly blue nail polish.

66. A “Vote for Pedro” shirt.

67. The movie “40 Year Old Virgin”.

68. A promise ring. (snort)

69. A pool table.

70. A swimming pool/hot tub.

71. Trampoline.

72. Livejournal.

73. Flip flops.

74. Steve Madden shoes.

75. The Sims 2.

76. A ping pong table.

77. An air hockey table.

78. A basement.

79. Converse.

80. Construction paper.

81. Markers, crayons, etc..

82. Coloring books. (friends with kids drop by now and then damnit)

83. A nice singing voice.

84. GameCube.

85. Xbox

86. Playstation.

87. PS2.

88. PSP. (wait... how old is this quiz?)

89. Some type of disease.

90. Rose Red movie.

91. VCR/DVD player.

92. A mom or dad.

93. An older brother.

94. An older sister.

95. A younger brother.

96. A younger sister.

97. A sled.

98. A lake/pond/river/ocean near your house.

99. Friends who like you. (what???)

On second thought, maybe this quiz was some sort of emo recruitment tool. The less things you had on the list, the more cool you are.
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