clme (clme) wrote,

butt-holes and elbows.

So... Many, many years ago a man we know as Baldghoti had something to do with a domain named

What did he have to do with this domain? He collected pictures of womens breasts to post over an especially bad picture of Don Knotts. The whole 'hook' of the project was "cover something ugly with something good". The project sadly was never finished before the domain changed hands in 2002.

This has, however, given me inspiration. Wait for it now. Dont jump to conclusions.

What is your first though when you think of our president, George W. Bush? Do you think of something very specific involving splintery baseball bats and a lot of friction? Then I cant help you. Personally I think "What an ass".

...and that is what I'm considering. A "Make Dubya Look like the ass he is" type thing. It would be an art project of sorts.

I could even arrange it so that if you clicked on an ass it went to a link of the ass-donaters choosing. (image maps are evil, but I'll make this sacrifice in the name of art).

I'm looking for the opinions of some of the folks here. Basically:
1) What are your opinions on this project (does it have merit?)
2) Would you donate an ass?
3) Would asses need 2257 compliant paperwork?
4) I need a better hook than "Make dubya look like an ass"
5) How long until I get sued again?
6) Would the NEA fund this?

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