clme (clme) wrote,

The cats wont leave me alone.

My girlfriend left today to spend a week and a half in South Carolina training some people how to do whatever it is she does. Hopefully she doesn't meet up with Jim while she's down there ;)

Anyway, this trip has left me alone at home. This normally doesn't bother me... it typically takes a few days before the animals get really lonely and I start to get cabin fever. Unfortunately, we have a new kitten that really wants attention, an old cat that is jealous, and a dog that is jealous of both of the cats.

I can deal with this. I know I can deal with this. I have to keep telling myself I can deal with this... But if the meowing and the whining doesn't stop then I'm locking myself out in the garage and they can just battle it out in the house until I've learned a lesson.

The kitten has some special needs too, since it was born tailless (not sure if its a defect or a manx gene). When she adopted it from the humane society they told her it was 3 months old and had just recovered from a prolapsed bowel. When she took it to my vet a week later he told her it was over 6 months old, was still a little sick, and there was a chance that the prolapsed bowel could have been a side effect of some issues the kitten will have forever.

Nothing breaks my heart like a kitten in distress. But I'll tell you what... nothing makes me forget that heartbreak like a kitten that has a leaky asshole. Its been getting better over the last few weeks, definitely. Special food and time have made a heck of an improvement, but there is still some room for improvement. But I am really getting tired of picking up little poop-pellets from the floor around the house.

So, in short: I've got a kitten that looks like a rabbit and leaves two or three rabbit-style poop pellets around the house every day.

I'm glad I have no carpets. Thank goodness for pergo.
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