clme (clme) wrote,

A year ago I gave up working on cars. Now I've given up buying used cars.

So I took a new position a few weeks ago. I start it in an official capacity next week.

Bonuses to new position:
1) 10% payraise.
2) More chances for recognition of the work I've been doing.
3) A (good) boss that I've worked with before.

Negatives of new position:
1) The job is across town, about a 40 minute drive compared to my current 5 minute drive.
2) I lose the company vehicle.
3) I lose overtime and on-call pay (its salary)
4) I may have inadvertently hurt my chances of getting a better position in a month or two.

Because I'm losing the company vehicle I took stock of my current car and realized that I dont trust it. Its a twelve year old Taurus, and after the squirrel-eating-it incident and the fact that Taurus transmissions have failed on me before I decided it was time for a different vehicle. Not much different than what I've done before... except for once I was actually considering a new vehicle.

Providing of course it met basic requirements like good reviews, reliability ratings, and mileage. I didn't need another 22mpg or worse gas guzzler after all. I also didn't need another 35mpg car that didn't start.

I test-drove a few cars before I made a decision. The Toyota Corolla (I've always liked corollas). The Saturn Ion (I like some versions of this). The Scion xB (My uncle has one and it was fun to drive and looked unique). I even looked at a few used options that were at least less than 5 years old :)

I bought the Scion xB for 16,500. They gave me $1000 trade-in for my 96 Taurus and I gave them a $1500 down payment. Apparently the Taurus only got that much because I had new snow tires on it and the appraiser figured he could turn that into a profit.

Its really amazing what this thing comes with standard. A 6CD changer, A/C, power mirrors/windows/locks, keyless entry, stability system, side curtain airbags, etc. I got the stickshift (better mileage and cheaper) and the only 'option' I bought was the floormats.

I like it. I like it a lot.
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