clme (clme) wrote,


So its 3am on my birthday and I'm sitting here contemplating bellybutton lint instead of sleeping. I'm predicting that I will probably have a late night this evening, so this isn't good.

Truth be told I haven't had a full nights sleep in two weeks. Although thats not abnormal for me, the sleep I have been getting has not been very restful. Five hours of sleep feels like two.

So, much like any problem the first order of business is how to divide the blame. At first I tried to blame the arthritis in my elbows and knees, but its not that much worse than normal and I've been dealing with it since I was 17 (thank you Lyme disease). Next on my complaint list was allergies... but the allergies come and go, even if they have been bad the last couple days. Anxiety about the new job and money is definitely higher than normal, but that doesn't cover this span of time either. Meh. Probably all of the above.

In the end though the blame always comes back to the lawn gnomes... you just cant trust people that wear pointy hats. They did remove the thorn from that foxes paw though so they cant be all bad. Of course, the fox immediately went and terrorized the faeries in the back yard and now they wont milk the aphids for their faerie syrup. I wonder what color faerie syrup tastes like? I bet it tastes better than bellybutton lint. I bet the dryer would know. I should ask it. Be right back.
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